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Throughout our forty-plus years in the business, R/S JÁKUP SVERRI has been ETV's most comprehensive project to date. Our team has been involved from the design phase to the final delivery phase of the vessel.

R/S JÁKUP SVERRI is renowned as one of the quietest vessels in the world, as verified by in-depth underwater noise measurements. Constructed to meet the Silent-R standards of low underwater noise radiation, this ship has the latest technology to undertake various research projects. Its diesel-electric propulsion system was chosen for a better operational economy and to meet the noise requirements. This AC system utilizes direct running of the propeller from an electric propulsion motor with a capacity of 2400 kW. Additionally, two double elastic mounted Wärtsilä 8L20 diesel generators each provide an output of 1500 kW for the power supply.

Our expert services extended from wheelhouse (Bridge) / console design and visualisation, Automation of Navigation Systems, Power Management Systems (PMS), Engine Control Room (ECR) Control Systems, and Factory Automation to building & installing the Main Switchboard/Emergency Generator (EG) Switchboard. 

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