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3D Console Design & Visualisation 

Console-ting the Third Dimension!

3D console design for ships bridge is an important and complex process. ETV is a leader in the 3D product design industry, offering complete design solutions for 3D consoles. When working with the marine industry, ETV takes a comprehensive approach to design, ensuring that the console design considers the ergonomics of the equipment that will be used.

ETV’s 3D console design process begins with a detailed analysis of the environment in which the console will be used, considering the physical space available, the needs of the operator, and the types of equipment that will be used. ETV then moves on to designing the console using 3D visualisation software, allowing them to create a highly detailed and realistic image of the console before it is even built. This allows ETV to make changes and adjustments to the design as needed. Once the design is complete, ETV will provide a 3D model of the console for the customer to view and approve.


This allows for changes before the final product is manufactured and installed. ETV also ensures the console is ergonomically sound, considering the operator's size, shape, and equipment. Additionally, upon special request from our clients, we offer complete virtualisation (Virtual Reality - VR) of the ship's bridge. This allows the vessel's Captains, Officers and Owners to step onboard their vessel before she set sail. 


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