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Switchboards  & Installation 

We are one of the pioneers of the Faroese electrical industry. For the past four decades, we have produced around 2500 breaker panels for the domestic market. We have expert knowledge and experience in designing and installing electrical systems and tools, on land as well as onboard vessels.


Inspection & Maintenance 

We have expert knowledge and experience in inspections and maintenance of electrical circuits, generators and motors. The workshop is well-equipped for any challenge.


Automation & Control Systems

We are specialist in the field of industrial automation, control, and alarm systems. Our four decades of experience and specialized knowledge make us a valuable partner for end users, but also for other organizations in the industrial chain, such as system suppliers and manufacturers. Together with them, we work on a smart and optimal integration of mechanics, 

3D Console/UI Design & Visualization 

The heart of every ship is the ship’s bridge along with the control desks and consoles inside. But the captain’s attention is not only focused on functionality. The design of the desks and consoles also plays a part on the bridge in creating a harmonious overall impression. 


Retrofit & Upgrades

We understand that you would like to make use of your existing installed base. In some cases, it is necessary to upgrade the equipment due to wear/tear, performance issues or to adapt to new requirements.​

We are here to assist you with the evaluation, rebuild and upgrades of systems, machinery and software.​


Electro-Mechanical Workshop

Our workshop is a full-service repair, rewind, and re-engineering provider with the capability to correct equipment problems and failures for a broad spectrum of electro-mechanical equipment.

We have a highly experienced team of mechanical, and electrical engineers, and shop personnel with years of experience working on the equipment.

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With more than 40 years of experience in the domestic market, ETV is one of the pioneers of the Faroese electrical industry. Since the establishment of ETV in 1982, the main activity of the company has been in breaker panels, installation, and production.


Today, we offer a wide range of services in energy efficiency solutions, installation and inspection, 3D console design & visualization, automation, production, maintenance, and sales.




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